Best Eyelid Firming Cream - How To Find An Eye Serum That Will Effectively Firm Up Your Eyelids

Are you looking for the best eyelid firming cream? Droopy eyelids are unattractive and they make you look old and tired; however, you can make them firm and smooth with the right eye serum. So, this article is going to tell you how to find a brand that will firm up your sagging eyelids and give your face a lift.

Loss of collagen is the major cause of sagging; it makes the skin thin and wrinkly. Dryness also contributes to dropping of the skin. Hence, if you want the best eyelid firming cream, you need to find one that will solve these problems from the root.


So, an effective firming eye cream should be able to do three things, which are:

* Boost collagen and elastin production

* Make collagen an elastin bonds stronger by boosting hyaluronic acid

* Keep the skin hydrated

You should also use an eyelid firming cream that contains 100% natural ingredients because they are safer than synthetic ingredients/chemicals.

Some of the natural ingredients that boost collagen production are Eyeliss and Cynergy TK. Eyeliss is made up of special peptides and it helps to make the skin firm and elastic. It also helps to remove wrinkles, bags and dark circles around the eyes.

Cynergy TK stimulates collagen and elastin formation and also promotes cells regeneration; it is proven to increase skin elasticity by 42% in 18 days. It also enhances the skin's ability to retain moisture; hence, it helps to make the skin firm and wrinkle-free.

An effective eyelid firming cream should also contain an ingredient called Homeo Age; this is formulated with a special Canadian algae. It is effective for the delicate and fragile skin around the eyes. It is proven to remove wrinkles and make the skin firm.

In order to be able to boost hyaluronic acid and make collagen and elastin bonds stronger, the best skin tightening eye serum should contain Phytessence Wakame. This special sea kelp from Japan is able to protect hyaluronic acid in your body from being destroyed by hyaluronidase enzyme; hence, it increases the elasticity of the skin to make it firm and smooth.

Firming up droopy eyelids is achievable without cosmetic surgery; all you need is a quality eyelid firming cream that contains the right ingredients like the ones mentioned here and others like Grapeseed oil and Maracuja. For more information on a skincare brand that does what it promises, visit my website.

Discover the best brand of eyelid firming cream available today.

Best Eyelid Firming Cream - How To Find An Eye Serum That Will Effectively Firm Up Your Eyelids

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Are SPF Moisturisers Dangerous? Find Out Why You Don't Need A Moisturiser With Sunscreen In It

There is no doubt that excess exposure to the ultraviolent rays of the sun are very damaging to your skin. But that doesn't mean that you should be using an SPF moisturiser. Lets examine why.

Skin sun damage, or in other words damage to your skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation from the sun, is a serious concern, and I don't seek to make light of that.


In fact skin sun damage, or what is technically called photoaging, is one of the major causes of premature ageing of the skin and can lead to premature wrinkles, lines, skin discolouration and worse.

And worse includes skin cancer which can kill you. This of course is as serious as it can get. But in my view it is still not a sufficient reason for using an SPF moisturiser.

I'm a strong advocate of protecting yourself from the sun, both because of the harmful and ageing affects of ultraviolet radiation and the risk of skin cancer. But using a moisturiser with sunscreen in it attracts its own risks.

Like so many of the personal products that millions of women use every day including skin care products and cosmetics, sunscreens can contain chemicals that can damage your health and your skin. Just do a search at the Cosmetic Safety Database and you'll see sunscreens that attract scores up to 9 on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being maximum health hazard.

You normally would only protect yourself from the sun occasionally, when you're out in the sun during the dangerous time in the middle of the day in summer. But if you use a moisturiser with sun protection in it you're applying that to your skin every day of the year, and the vast majority of the time you don't need any sun protection at all.

Not only that but usually, (though not always), sun protection is only required for the face and hands, but many women apply moisturiser to large areas of the body.

Why use a product that may be harmful to your health when for the vast majority of the time you don't need it?

By all means protect yourself when going out of the sun during the periods of maximum sunburn risk in summer. Preferably do this by wearing a wide brimmed hat and long sleeved shirt, but if not then use a sunscreen. Most women will only need a sunscreen very occasionally.

But I see no point in lathering yourself with sunscreen all over, each and every day of the year, when it may pose a risk to your health and when you don't need it.

For this specific reason the company that makes what I consider to be the worlds best skin care products avoids using sunscreen in any of its products. Find out more on my website.

You don't need an SPF moisturiser.

Are SPF Moisturisers Dangerous? Find Out Why You Don't Need A Moisturiser With Sunscreen In It

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Dry Skin Feet

Are you bothered by your foot problems like dry skin? If you are looking for the best ways to keep your feet silky soft, you are definitely not alone!

Dry, scaly hardened feet are one of the most common skin problems one can have. If you are looking to remove dead skin from your feet, avoid doing so immediately after a shower or foot soak as your skin is most brittle at this point of time.


Our skin on the feet can be very thick. It's unlike the other areas of your skin which is more delicate and fragile. To maintain nice and beautiful feet, you can turn to skin care ingredients like shea butter and watercress. These are useful softening skin agents that can help your feet to remove puffiness. You can also try the exfoliation method to make your feet smoother.

One thing associated with dry skin around your feet area is sweat. Sweaty feet can be very heavy smelling especially if you perspire often. Pick a antiperspirant if you have this kind of problem. Common useful ingredients to look out for include herbal plant extracts like sage and aloe.

If you find these solutions not helping your dry feet, what you should do is to visit a podiatrist. He or she will be able to help you diagnose the cause of your feet problem and recommend appropriate treatments to treat your feet, including problems like corns and calluses.

To make sure your feet stays pretty and free from dry skin, remember to pamper them like the way you do for your face. Make sure you turn your attention to your feet each time you shower and bath. Use Vaseline after showers to moisturise your feet and a foot scrub to remove excess dead skin at this area. Apply sunblock when you are out in the sun as well for better feet protection.

Dry Skin Feet

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The Best Dog Dry Skin Treatment

Is your dog constantly scratching, biting and licking his dry skin? The nonstop stirring is enough to drive you crazy. You'd love to help your dog, but the idea of taking him to the vet for such a common problem seems like an unnecessary expense. It's a helpless feeling, being unable to treat your dog for his dry skin. If you only knew how to safely resolve the problem, you'd BOTH be so much happier.

Fear not. This article has got the answer! Below I'll be showing you my two favorite treatments for dry dog skin. They'll have your little buddy feeling better right away and you'll feel better knowing he's not so restless all the time. Let's get started shall we?


It's so important to attack a dry dog skin problem early. If left untreated, the dry skin can escalate into infections under the surface called "hot spots". These hot spots continue to irritate the skin until open sores develop. So...try to act as fast as possible.

Dry dog skin can happen for an array of different reasons...

Your dog may even have an allergy that's causing this problem. Common contributors are allergies to flea or insect bites. Even allergies to ragweed and pollen can bring on this condition.

Perhaps you're bathing him too often. Most grooming shampoos strip away oil from your dog's fur and can cause the dry skin he's experiencing. A good indicator that this is the problem is seeing dandruff on your dog's fur.

Moisturizing Shampoos: This can be a quick fix if you catch your dog's dry skin before he develops rashes and hot spots. Find a reputable moisturizing shampoo on the market. Most are labeled as dog dandruff shampoos. Give your dog a bath once with this solution and see if it helps. If it does, you may need to instruct your groomer to use the specific shampoo type.

Change Your Dog Food: The food you feed your dog has a direct correlation with his skin and coat. You always want to make sure the first ingredient in your dog's food is meat or beef. Try upgrading his diet. Sure, you'll pay a little more, but you'll save in vet bills later. You may also want to give him a higher ratio of wet dog food to moisturize his skin.

The Best Dog Dry Skin Treatment

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Don't wait. Dog dry skin problems get worse over time, not better. Take action and nip this problem in the bud naturally & FAST!