The Different Types of Dry Skin Disorders

There are many dry skin disorders that commonly affect people. It's best to know about the different types of dry skin disorders so in the future, you'll be able to identify what your condition is and its corresponding treatment.


\"dry Skin\"

This is considered as one of the worst dry skin disorders anyone could suffer from. It's quite difficult to treat and very much easy to aggravate. When you have dermatitis, parts of your skin are especially dry and inflamed. These inflamed parts also tend to cause a lot of discomfort. What makes it worse is its itchiness. Although unbearably itchy, you must never scratch the skin affected with dermatitis. This only makes the condition worse.

The Different Types of Dry Skin Disorders


You develop this condition once your eyes become too exposed to sunlight or a smoky atmosphere or you lack sleep. Once you have blepharitis, you'll notice that the skin on your eyelids is dry, red and swollen. Your eyes appear tired and your notice a certain grittiness. You'll also have that itchy feeling, particularly in the eye area. Avoid touching the affected area as this will irritate it further. It's best to consult your doctor before trying out any medication or treatment for blepharitis.


This is the general medical term for dry skin. When your skin becomes naturally dry and itchy, it becomes pruritus. Xerosis is usually caused by lack of moisture, too much time spent bathing or swimming and using extremely hot or cold water regularly. More than anything else, people with xerosis need to be particularly careful about the choice of skincare products they use.


This is probably one of the worst dry skin disorder, together with eczema or dermatitis. There is no known cure for psoriasis. People who suffer the condition will continue to do so for the rest of their lives. Psoriasis is characterized by dry, red and itchy skin, which is often accompanied by flaking, and in severe cases, bleeding.

The Different Types of Dry Skin Disorders

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Dry Skin Around the Eyes

Dry, flaky skin sure can be annoying. Especially if it's that in that delicate area immediately under the eyes. It's flaky, itchy and often red or inflamed. When this irritation turns into dry skin around eyes you can begin to see even more trouble including under-eye puffiness and even the emergence of wrinkles. Uggh!

Dry skin around eyes lacks important oils and moisture that you must replace in order to relieve your symptoms and keep wrinkles at bay! The problem is that attacking it isn't always easy. Use the wrong products (or the wrong ingredients) in this delicate area can become even itchier and more inflamed.

\"dry Skin\"

The first step to treating the problem is keeping your face as moisturized as possible. While it maybe difficult to find skin moisturizers that can be easily administered here without causing problems, the more you can treat the rest of your face, the better shape you'll be in.

Dry Skin Around the Eyes

The best product to use for moisturizing any type of flaky skin is thick cleansing milk or cream that can help the skin better absorb moisture. Plus, milks like oat milk are very soothing on skin.

Tackling this problem requires using an emollient eye cream every night in this delicate area to help keep it well moisturized and offer necessary healing principles. Of course, you'll want to add moisturizer over the cream once it has a chance to dry a bit to avoid a smeary mess.

Some other herbal treatments you may use on the dry skin beneath eyes include:

o cucumber - place a few slices of fresh cucumber on your eyes for 10-30 minutes to reduce puffiness and add moisture naturally
o tea bags - placing wet tea bags on the eyes can also help soothe itch and inflammation
o homeopathic eye bags - filled with a unique blends of herbs and species such as elder, chamomile, eyebright, blackberry and fennel seed, this eye remedy is great for soothing dry and tired eyes.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to soothe this problem while preventing wrinkles at the same time! To find out more about treating it, check out the informational articles and product listings on our website

Dry Skin Around the Eyes

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Cheap Natural Solutions For Dry Skin

Xeroderma, the medical name for dry skin, occurs most commonly on the lower legs, arms, the sides of the abdomen and thighs and is a very common condition. The use of natural or synthetic cosmetics to cover the appearance of the face and condition of the skin, like pore control and blackhead covering, is common among many cultures.

The dermis is the layer of skin beneath the epidermis that consists of connective tissue and cushions the body from stress and strain. The dermis is structurally divided into two areas: a superficial area adjacent to the epidermis, called the papillary region, and a deep thicker area known as the reticular region. The average square inch of skin holds 650 sweat glands, 20 blood vessels, 60,000 melanocytes, and more than a thousand nerve endings.

\"dry Skin\"

Environmental factors, such as exposure to sun, wind, cold, chemicals, or cosmetics, or excessive bathing with harsh soaps, can cause dry skin. If you break out on the skin around your eyes, it could be the shellac in your mascara; buy a shellac-free mascara like Ecco Bella's. Forced-air furnaces may make skin even drier than it already is.

Cheap Natural Solutions For Dry Skin

When the skin loses moisture it may crack and peel, or become irritated and inflamed. Certain drugs, including diuretics, antispasmodics, and antihistamines, can contribute to dry skin conditions; check with your pharmacist or doctor and read the drug insert - you can get one from your pharmacist. Dry skin can be caused by a deficiency of vitamin A, systemic illness, overexposure to sunlight or some medications.

Eat high-fiber snacks like raw nuts, raw seeds, fresh fruit or dried fruit like dates, and figs. For an easy fiber boost, to help your skin, add one to two tablespoons of ground up flaxseeds to two or three apples and mix in your food processor. Eating foods high in omega-3's are particularly important to people with dry skin or acne.

Only use mild cleansers or mild soaps if you must use a soap or cleanser. Dry and pat your skin gently and thoroughly after a bath or shower if it's extremely dry or irritated. Avoid all products that have an alcohol base.

Use a thin layer of coconut oil under your make-up, if you wear it, to moisturize and soften your skin throughout the day. Use can use bath oils and moisturizers every day, but coconut oil has the added power of healing. To see what coconut oil can do for your skin fast, apply coconut oil several times a day and at bedtime.

Use coconut oil to remove your make-up at night, like I do; it leaves a fine layer of oil to nourish your skin all night long; but better yet, apply more coconut oil. I buy coconut oil by the gallon; it's cheaper for a whole gallon of coconut oil than a small jar of department store, name-brand moisturizer.

Skin that's not clean favors the development of pathogenic organisms; the dead cells continually slough off of the epidermis and mix with the secretions of the sweat and sebaceous glands and the dust found on the skin, to form a layer on its surface. The skin is subject to constant attack from without; it can be affected by many conditions, diseases and ailments.

You should see the results with improved skin within a few days following these dry skin tips and suggestions. See your doctor or naturopathic doctor if your skin doesn't improve in spite of your best efforts. If your dry skin lasts for a long time and is itchy or feels hot when you touch it, see your doctor.

Cheap Natural Solutions For Dry Skin

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